Becoming a Successful Content Creator is like Practicing a Sport

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Athletes who hate to practice will never become as great as they could be.

Content creators who despise the daily grind will ultimately fail.

Are you creating content because you are passionate about what you do — about what you create?

A look in the mirror

I’ve had to take a long hard look in the mirror since I started writing on Medium in July 2021. I’ve returned to writing about the things I enjoy — the things I could talk about all the time: my faith and sports.

Now — I love the grind.

I can’t wait to write more articles each day. All I’m doing is talking about the things I love with people who love the same things.

What about you?

Are you producing content about topics you really care about? Do you embrace the daily grind because you know where it’s taking you?

If not — take a step back and consider what you love talking about every day. What could you talk about for hours with your best friends?

Write about that.

You will love practicing in public every day when you are practicing what you love.

Find mentors who have been where you are now

I hope you spend time reading some of the brilliant content creators on Medium.

If you will listen — you have some great teachers on this platform.

Working to apply the things they are teaching me through their writing has helped me so much — and I know there is a lot I still need to improve.

Listen to content creators who have been where you are now — they can help if we will listen.



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