Check Out This 200-Year-Old Cemetery in the Middle of Athens, Alabama

Jameson Steward
3 min readMar 22, 2024
Sign for the Old City Cemetery in Athens, Alabama.
Photo by Jameson Steward

We tend to get so busy in life that we never slow down and investigate incredible things all around us.

Well today, I decided to stop for a moment and check out the Old City Cemetery in Athens, Alabama. I’ve driven by it many times and noticed it was very old — but I hadn’t thought about it any more than that.

I learned quite a bit about this cemetery — the original cemetery for Athens.

The History of the Athens’ Old Town Cemetery.

A picture of the historical sign for the Old Town Cemetery in Athens, Alabama.
Photo by Jameson Steward

The historical sign in the graveyard gives quite a bit of historical background about the cemetery. I’ve typed out below the words on the sign in case you have trouble reading it from the picture.

This is the earliest known cemetery in the town of Athens, and the final resting place for many of its first citizens. The earliest burials date from the 1820’s and continue through the mid — 1800’s, with an occasional burial past 1900. Though the markers are now sunken below ground, others have been destroyed or removed. Trustees for the town purchased this entire block in 1827 for ten dollars from Robert…