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  • Martavious Dorsey

    Martavious Dorsey

    I write about life, sports, music and everything in between | Support Me: https://medium.com/@martavious.dorsey/membership

  • Tony Thomas

    Tony Thomas

    I’m a Grandparent, military veteran, and college football junkie. My articles have appeared on thegridironnews.com, the Runner Sports, and Death Valley Voice.

  • Nick Nolan

    Nick Nolan

    Creating useful and inspiring content. Currently building ➔ copycheer.com

  • Gabriel Aryeh

    Gabriel Aryeh

    MLB Writer, some NBA and NFL articles as well. Avid history reader.

  • Jesse M Hawthorne

    Jesse M Hawthorne

    INTJ Multilingual Gen Xer // Writing and abstract art are keys to my self-healing process. The Northern is a soul healer and a peacemaker for my mind.

  • Kristin Gunner

    Kristin Gunner

    Writing about what's important.

  • Escape the 9 to 5

    Escape the 9 to 5

    Entrepreneur trying all the latest trends to escape the 9 to 5. Contributor for Smartacity and ILLUMINATION

  • Aliza Rosenfelder

    Aliza Rosenfelder

    Google for Startups UK Ambassador | MBA | Get access to all of Medium here: https://alizakr.medium.com/membership

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