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Who I watch on YouTube.

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Forget TV shows — YouTube is where I watch most of my “shows.”

And those shows on YouTube include videos by baseball replayers and tabletop baseball games. It’s entertaining — I also find it relaxing.

Here’s a list of my favorite baseball replay YouTube channels — you should check them out!

Baseball Replay Journal.

The Baseball Replay Journal is also here on Substack — so you can follow him here as well as on YouTube.

His content combines baseball replays and deep discussions on various baseball statistics. For example, he’s been doing a deep dive into Rfield and how that statistics is figured.

He explains things well and emphasizes the data around baseball and baseball replays that most people don’t discuss.

Dave Gardner.

Dave Gardner is my favorite voice of all the baseball replayers I watch. He has a soothing radio voice — and I find him extremely easy to listen to. Occasionally, if I battle an anxiety attack during the middle of the night, I’ll pull up one of Dave’s videos and watch him to help me relax.

Dave plays a lot of different games and a lot of different sports. Mostly he plays golf, football, hockey, and baseball. Recently, while testing a new camera, he had his first no-hitter — which was pretty cool to watch!

Dave is also the co-host of the Digital to Dice Podcast, where he and Ron talk about all kinds of games (PC and tabletop) — mostly sports games.

If you’re looking for a wide range of games, Dave does a great job at introducing a lot of different games for a lot of different sports.

Kurt Bergland’s Baseball World.

Kurt Bergland has fantastic content and makes me laugh throughout his videos. He has a signature introduction everytime he starts a video. If you’ve watched his videos — you know what I’m talking about.

“Hello my friends, and welcome to Kurt’ Bergland’s BASEBALL WORLDDD.” — Kurt Bergland

Kurt will have you chuckling as he talks about “authentic unboxings.” If you don’t know what an “authentic unboxing” is — I suggest watching the first few minutes of the following video to educate yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

While Kurt does play other sports occasionally, he mostly sticks with baseball. He plays many different types of baseball games — so if you are looking for a game you haven’t heard of yet, Kurt’s channel is an excellent place to go “window shopping.”

Al RedSoxFan.

Al RedSoxFan is similar to Dave Gardner. Al has a smooth, northeastern accent as well. For this Southern boy — it’s refreshing sometimes to just hear people pronounce every syllable in their words instead of “runnin er’thang togetter.”

He will play some computer games, like Out of the Park Baseball and various boxing computer games. Boxing is fun to watch and listen to — and it’s pretty unique as well. Most of the guys I watch don’t play boxing.

Al RedSoxFan is another YouTube channel worth checking out!

RJL Network.

And last but not least, I like checking out RJL Network’s videos. Robert mostly plays Inside Pitch baseball and recently completed the 1988 postseason. Here’s a link to his 1988 World Series matchup between the Yankees and the Expos.

Robert has a ton of seasons archived on his channel with Inside Pitch baseball. In addition to 1988, the seasons include:

Robert has also played some Action PC baseball as well.

If you enjoy Inside Pitch baseball or following an entire postseason from start to finish, RJL Network is a great channel to watch!

So that’s my five favorite baseball replayers on YouTube. I watch others as well — but these are the five I watch the most.

Let me know in the comments below who you like to watch!

My schedule is pretty busy — but I will try to start producing more content for you here on Substack.

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