The Weekend Recap: Reflecting on Personal Events from the Week

When you look back, time seems to fly.

Jameson Steward
3 min readMar 19, 2022
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As I sit at my kitchen table sipping my first cup of coffee, I’m thinking back over everything that happened this week.

I usually don’t write much over the weekend — I write so much during the week, I try to take a break over the weekend. But today, I’m thinking about what happened in my life this past week. Don’t worry — nothing bad, thankfully.


On Sunday, my family and I spent a wonderful day with our church family. I teach a Bible class and preach twice on Sundays, so I’m always exhausted by the end of the day.

A teenager came forward asking for the church to pray for him. So many people encouraged him and let him know that we loved him.

Tuesday night, a missionary who was in Ukraine when Russia started firing missiles gave us a report of the church there and how the Christians were doing. It was heartbreaking to hear how difficult things were there — but we were encouraged by the Ukrainian Christians’ devotion.

Wednesday night, we met again for Bible class, and one of our young mothers was baptized into Christ by her husband. It was a great week!


While many of you have been focused on March Madness and the moves around the NFL, I’ve been taking my oldest son back and forth to his baseball practice.

He’s playing in the local city league in the seven and eight-year-old division. Baseball is his favorite sport, and while I know I’m a bit biased — he’s pretty good for his age. For now, they are just practicing — the season starts in a month or two.


My little girl has been battling allergies this week — her poor little eyes have been a little swollen.

Here in North Alabama, the flowers are starting to bloom, and pretty soon, everything will be covered in powdery yellow dust. Allergy season is pretty rough this time of year.

I borrowed my grandfather’s truck for a few days and drove it back to him on Friday. He lives in Mississippi, so it takes a few hours to get there.

I love spending time with him, but it’s also difficult for me. His health is not so good anymore — and I can remember when he could do anything and fix everything. Now, it’s all he can do to get up and walk me to the door when I leave.

It’s been a good week.

It seems like this week just flew by, but I know it had the same amount of hours as every other week.

I hope you had a good week as well! I really do think of my fellow Medium writers as my friends — and I hope things are going well in your life!