These 3 Mistakes Guarantee Nobody Will Listen to You in Your Next Meeting

Jameson Steward
2 min readJan 22, 2024
People sleeping at a business meeting.
Image from Canva.

Nobody likes meetings.

When you have to speak in a meeting, you are already speaking to people who would rather be doing something else.

So if you make these mistakes in your next meeting, nobody will listen to you.

Mistake #1 — Lack of Preparation.

Have you ever heard this before in a meeting?

“Well, I’m waiting on chart ABC from Department-Doesn’t-Do-Their-Work, so we can’t really talk about everything I wanted to cover…”

It’s infuriating, isn’t it? If the speaker of the meeting isn’t prepared, then what’s the point of the meeting?

No one will care why you aren’t prepared for the meeting.

If you are unprepared for a meeting, and it shows, people will immediately tune out everything else you have to say.

Mistake #2 — Avoidable Technology Failures.

Sometimes, technology fails, and everyone knows there’s nothing that could have been done about it.

But sometimes technology fails because the person presenting in the meeting rushed in one minute before everything started, pulled up their presentation for the first time…