Why Caleb Williams is the Wrong Choice for the Chicago Bears

Concerns about Caleb Williams’ game.

Jameson Steward
2 min readApr 23, 2024
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I know saying the Bears shouldn’t pick Caleb Williams goes against what everyone in the media is saying.

But the hype has gotten so out of control that many people are overlooking the fact that Caleb Williams has some glaring flaws that might doom his NFL career before he even steps on an NFL field.

Here are some weaknesses of William’s game, according to Lance Zierlein — NFL.com Analyst.

Inconsistent in making the easy plays to keep the offense on schedule.

Zielein wrote that Williams is reluctant “to playing throw-and-catch football on schedule.” Williams has struggled with his “anticipation/timing” which has a drastic effect on those “pitch and catch” throws.

He added that Williams tends to pass up “easy scramble yardage for more challenging throws.”

Playing quarterback at a high level in the NFL depends on being able to “stay on schedule” and keep the chains moving. The way Williams plays quarterback puts his team behind schedule often — and it’s challenging to score if a team is constantly in third and long in the NFL.

Looks for the big play too…